• Jays Tire & Wheel Repair aims to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability but cannot be responsible for any unforeseen problems such as poor casting, hidden cracks, fading, chipping, scratches, cracks, or excessive corrosion. These problems may only become apparent upon removal of the existing wheel coating. If the company does not believe a cosmetically acceptable or safe finish can be achieved, the customer will be contacted to discuss options before further work is undertaken.
  • Customers will be asked to sign and agree to “no warranty” and “as close to as possible” color matching when rare alloys and colors are booked in. But, a 30 day warranty will be provided in MOST cases.
  • The price agreed on the booking reservation is the price to be paid – we do not haggle – it is not how we do things. Only if the alloys are in worse condition than quoted for when viewed on arrival will the price change. This will most likely be a higher price.
  • Special pressure sensing valves are delicate and are often subject to being damaged during the tire removal / bead braking process. We are unable to take responsibility of the valves and suggest customers have them removed before hand. Please refer to the vehicles handbook when the wheel/s are back on the vehicle to re-calibrate
  • Jays Tire & Wheel Repair is not responsible for resetting any vehicle computers used for monitoring tire pressures. Owners should refer to their vehicle manual for this function.
  • Warranty – on all warranty work, the invoice/ receipt must be produced by the customer for proof of purchase.